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Giorgio Salmoiraghi

Italy (Italia)


category: Painting
technique: Oilpainting
Style: Realism

Bio / Resumee / Statement:
Giorgio Salmoiraghi was born in Milan November 26 th 1936. He has gotten the diploma released by the artistic high school of Brera in 1955. In 1960 he is among the founders of the renewal of the classical values together with Valmore Grazioli and Gabriele Mandel. He is the Editor of the homonym magazine and he participates with the renovators in the shows and the lectures held by the movement. In 1962 he is active in the syndical sector and he belongs to the U.S.A.I.B.A. - U.I.L. of the Lombardy. It was a student of the painter Federico Von Rieger (gold medal in 1932), already student and teacher of Max Doerner , teacher of technique of the ancient to the Academy of Munich. Its works are exposed in public and private galleries. It belongs to the Accademia Tiberina and of the Accademia dei 500

He has participated and organized in 1962 the first regional show at the:
\\\"Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica\\\" in Milan.
1964 show of contemporary art at Palazzo Reale Milan
1966 threeth show of contemporary art at Palazzo Reale Milan
1969 fourth show of contemporary art at Villa Reale Milan
He has participated and organized different biennal exhibitions in Milan and numerous syndical shows.
Salmoiraghi has been co-manager of the art magazine Poliacos with Valmore Grazioli and Rosalva Altini
He has held numerous personal shows
I In 1979 was edit from the Bank Union of Credit (BUC) of Lugano (Swiss) a monograph, copies of which are guarded in the public and private libraries among which the Pompidou Center in Paris
n 1976 at the \\\"Museo di Milano\\\" organized by the Municipality of Milan
From 1982 to 1984 it realizes a great trittico of meters 9,00 X 4,50 for the church of
St. Giacinto to the Lamarmora (Brescia)
In 1984 the advertising of the Barilla, on the principals Italian weekly, hinged on Salmoiraghi
In 1986-87 he was in Vatican to realize the portrait of S.S. John Paul II
(preserved in the Vatican collections in Rome, St. Calisto building)
In 1990 he receives the \\\"Ambrogino d\\\'oro\\\" from the Municipality of Milan
In 1993 he organizes a personal show at \\\"Accademia Scalabrino\\\" in Montecatini.
In 1994 the book cooperative I.U.L.M. s.c.r.l edits the monograph Il magico e il sacro nellarte di Giorgio Salmoiraghi taken care by Gabriele Mandel.

Mixing technique
33 x 50 cm
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80 x 60 cm
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